How does it Work?

How Does The ‘Game’ Work? …

Once you have accepted your exclusive invitation to join, and once you have paid forward your $500 Membership Token to the person in the Receiver position, that person will add you to their GRID Team (a Telegram Group) in the Contributor position, and also add you to the GRID Engine Room (our Global Community Group – also on Telegram).

At this point, you become an Official Team Member of your very first GRID, and also of the Global Prosperity GRID Community.

Over the course of the next 10 days, 7 other Contributors will also join by exclusive invitation, and be added to your Receiver’s Team (and the Community Group) on Telegram.

Once your Receiver has received all 8 Membership Tokens, they exit the GRID, everyone ‘spins’ to the next position and the GRID splits in 2 to create 2 new GRIDS of 7 Members each, with 8 new open ‘positions’ as Contributors, and so the cycle repeats.

This is an illustration of how the GRID works and splits once complete.

The GRID Structure Explained …

Each GRID starts with 7 Members already on the Board:

4 Motivators

2 Supporters

1 Receiver

And there are 8 open ‘seats’ for Contributors to enter by exclusive invitation.

Reweave back in!

Once you are a member, and after your first complete 40 day cycle, you can enter again and reweave (rejoin your previous GRID) plus join 3 more, to maximise your earning potential, as many times as you like!

Your Journey Through The GRID …

How Much Does it Cost to Enter & How Much do you Earn? …


$500 – paid directly to the person in the Receiver position to start your 4 cycles through their GRID


8 x $500 ($4000) when you reach the Receiver position in your GRID (in approximately 40 days), or when your 4 cycles are complete.

Is there a Risk That I Can Lose My Money? …

NO! There is absolutely NO RISK that you will lose your money!

You can choose to exit the GRID at any point in your 4 cycle journey and GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

If you choose to exit while still in the Contributor position, the Receiver on your GRID will refund you your $500 Membership Token and you may exit the game.

If you are on any other position in the GRID, your place in the game will need to be replaced by another Member who can either refund you as they enter (if they have the funds available), or do so once they reach the Receiver position and receive their first Membership Token.

So, you literally have nothing to lose!

Options for Joining …

PLEASE NOTE: Applications to join our Community Network are exclusive. All applications will be considered, but not all of them will be accepted.

Members can join The Prosperity GRID as either:


You can join as an individual Member (as yourself)

NO PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 are allowed to join unless they are accompanied on their journey by an adult or guardian.


You can join as a Team of up to 4 Members (4 individuals splitting the cost of the $500 Membership Token and then sharing the $4000 received at the end of the 40 day cycle)


You can join as a ‘Surrogate’ on behalf of a minor, an elderly person, or someone who is unable to represent themselves in the GRID Telegram Group for a legitimate reason.

It is in giving that we receive...