Terminology Explained

The Words We Use …

This is a unique and special network so we have a unique set of words to describe certain things we do. Here is a list of our words, terms & phrases and their meanings.


The ‘GRID’ refers to a group of 15 individuals, all playing the Prosperity ‘game’ on a Telegram Group.


This is the starting position on the GRID. The persons in the Contributor positions are responsible for making the financial contributions towards the person in the Receiver position. There are 8 Contributors per GRID.


This is the second position on the GRID. Motivators are responsible for extending 2 exclusive invitations to new Contributors and adding them to their GRID Team.


This is the third position on the GRID. Supporters are responsible for supporting their Receiver by assisting with tasks such as setting up Zoom calls and polls, as well as reaching out to any Team Members who need assistance.


This is the fourth and final position on the GRID. The Receiver is the person responsible for receiving their 8 x Membership Tokens from the Contributors who will be joining their GRID.


When we talk about a GRID ‘spinning’, it simply means that the GRID is splitting in 2 because the Receiver has received all 8 of their Tokens and all members are now ready to spin to the next position.


A cycle can refer to either the 10 day journey in each position in the GRID, or to the complete 40 day journey it takes to go from Contributor position to Receiver position.


Once a Receiver has received all 8 Tokens and all 8 Contributors are present on their GRID, we say that the GRID is ‘Complete’. This means is it ready to split into 2 new GRIDS and spin all the ‘players’ up to the next position in the ‘game’.


As in “To exit a GRID” – This is what happens once a Receiver has received all 8 Tokens from the Contributors in their GRID and the GRID splits. It is at this point that the Receiver exits the GRID as their journey (cycle) is now complete.

Info Call

This refers to the Information Zoom Call to present our concept to prospective new Contributors. All GRID Community Members are encouraged to attend, as well as to invite prospective new members for an overview of the GRID and how it works and also to ask any questions. The main goal of the Info Call is to attract new members into the Community.

Dream Share

All GRID Team Groups are encouraged to host weekly Dream Share Zoom calls. This is a totally non-judgemental and open space in which all members of the Team get to share and listen to one another’s hopes and dreams. It is a platform that members use to help one another grow spiritually, and to manifest one another’s dreams through the power of collective energy. Dream Sharing builds trust and establishes life-long friendships and is the absolute key to the success of the Prosperity GRID.


To ‘reweave’ means to re-enter into your GRID – possibly as a Contributor while you are still in the Receiver position on that GRID, or to re-enter into one of the GRIDS from the split once you are fully received in the Receiver position.

Fully Received

To be ‘fully received’ means that you have received all 8 of the possible 8 Tokens receivable from the Contributors on your GRID.

Membership Token

A ‘Membership Token’ is the ‘fee’ payable to the person in the Receiver position for entry onto their GRID and to play the Prosperity ‘game’.


A ‘Surrogate’ means a member who plays the ‘game’ on behalf of a minor, an elderly person, or someone who is unable to represent themselves in a GRID Telegram Group for a legitimate reason.


This refers to the instance where someone wants to join but cannot afford the Membership Token for entry. A Current GRID member can ‘sponsor’ that person by paying forward a Membership Token on their behalf.

Sacred Pause

Sometime we elect to have a ‘no obligation time off’ from the GRID to allow members of the Community to leave their phones alone and spend quality time with loved ones. This is usually the case over seasonal public holidays and events such as Christmas and Easter.

It is in giving that we receive...