The Prosperity GRID

The Prosperity GRID | A Membership Based Community Network

If you are reading this, it means that the universe, or someone has conspired to change your life for the better! You are an Exclusive Member of The Prosperity GRID and on your way to change your old way of thinking – that making money requires long hours and has to be hard work, and you’ve stepped into a fresh, new approach to financial abundance!

Welcome to the Prosperity GRID …

An easier, fun, community driven way to generate income, grow spiritually, meet new friends, enhance your business and enrich your life in ways you never thought possible.

YOU’RE READY to join a community of amazing individuals who choose to look after one another!

YOU’RE READY to open the portals to abundance – in every aspect of your life!

YOU’RE READY to achieve financial freedom!

YOU’RE READY to change your life!

So what is The Prosperity GRID Exactly? …

The Prosperity GRID is a Rotational Savings Network made up of a community of individuals from all over the world, and from all walks of life.

Based on the law of attraction and the principles of abundance, we “pay it forward” to one another by way of a $500 Membership Token from 8 individuals in a GRID, in 10 day rotational cycles – much like a Stokvel, but with a much more modern twist! (If you’re not sure what a ‘Stokvel’ is – just click on the word highlighted above and read all about it on wikipedia.)

You enter a GRID with a $500 Membership Token, paid forward to the person in the Receiver position, and receive $4000 after approximately 4 x 10 day cycles, when you are in the Receiver position in your GRID.

Levels & Roles in the GRID

PLUS, as a member, and after your first complete ±40 day cycle, you can enter again and reweave (rejoin your previous GRID) plus join 3 more, to maximise your earning potential, as many times as you like!

This is an illustration of Mary reweaving back into the GRID under her husband to repeat her 4 cycles.

…The Sustainable Reweaving Strategy …

There is a simple strategy to ensure the longevity of your game. If you follow it, you will be able to repeat your 4 cycles with the same people and sustain your GRID for LIFE!

As well as opting to enter another GRID if you choose to do so, it is recommended, for the sustainability of your journey in the GRID and for your fellow travelers (the 60 people involved in your 4 Cycles) that you ‘reweave’ back in to your original GRID.

This means that you re-enter as a Contributor and pay your Membership Token to the very first Receiver you paid when you first started your journey on the GRID.

By doing this, you secure your original 2 Contributors that you brought with you into the game and you don’t have to find 2 new Contributors every time.

For this strategy to be successful, it is recommended that you stay in contact with all the Members from your first completed cycle so that you ensure that you all complete at the right time so that you are ready to re-enter and play the game again, in a sustainable way – for the long run!

It is in giving that we receive...