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Every single one of these testimonials was submitted by an actual current Member of the Prosperity GRID Community. Once you’ve signed up, you can meet them for yourself in our Member Chat Room on Telegram.

Marina Taute

I joined the Prosperity Grid purely because I saw what it did for a friend. The concept just made sense to me and I was open for any Abundance to come into my life. The sense of community and being there for one another made me realize that this is so much bigger than all of us. The possibilities and immense opportunities for growth through this Prosperity Grid Network is a beautiful process to witness. Dream sharing with one another and interacting with like-minded people without judgement has truly opened my eyes to being there for my fellow human. It was an amazing experience to Receive a total of $4000 from fellow Community Members while I was in the Receiver position. The gratitude that I experienced was both humbling and exciting. Through this whole experience I think I finally understand the concept of loving your neighbour like you love yourself, as this Prosperity Grid has taught me abundance in all areas of my life.

Cognititve Life & Wellness Coach – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Mona-Lize Moolman

This prosperity grid has really made such a huge difference, not just in my own life, but in the lives of my loved ones.  This community brings much positivity and joy into my daily life, and it has brought my dreams back to life.  I see them manifesting right before my eyes!  I joined in Dec 2020 and I have since received just over 14 000 AED, with my next round of receiving not far off.  I have since brought in my husband, parents, in laws and some of our friends – and I have made best friends and added to my family along the way.  I have gained new clients to my practice, and I get to share my days and thoughts with like-minded people – what more can a girl ask for?

The only question you should be asking yourself is “where do I sign up?”

Bespoke Energy Specialist – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Shirley Hanson

I cannot even begin to tell you how The Prosperity GRID has changed my life! Initially I signed up purely for the financial aspect of it – but now, 5 months in, I have received so much more than that! My initial round earned me an additional R64 800 income (in just 6 weeks), and my second round, 5 weeks later – R66 000! I have gained 3 new clients, made countless new friends, and I am well on my way to making all my dreams come true with the power of collective energy from this amazing community! If you are ready to make some profound changes in your life – I highly recommend this Community Network as the exact place to start.

Graphic Designer – Plettenberg Bay – South Africa

Bert Snyman

I joined the Prosperity GRID one month ago. During this period, my life has changed dramatically as far as approach, attitude, sharing and gratitude is concerned. In a matter of 6 weeks, I have become part of a superb group of people, my new family. I have grown from being in the financial doldrums to where I will start reaping the financial rewards from this exquisite journey, within the next couple of days.

During this period, at the age of 64, I have made a career change, from sales and marketing to my passion – which is writing, translations and related matters. I have always dreamed of making a living from my passion, and the Prosperity GRID has enabled me to do just that!

The choice is yours…continue along the road you are travelling at present, or take the high road with the Prosperity GRID and change your life!

Author/Writer – Cape Town – South Africa

Wilna Fourie

At the time I signed up for the Prosperity GRID, I was broke! I told the friend who introduced me to this that I am interested, but had no money. I thought about it for a while and decided to give up my food, cigarette, petrol money ….whatever money I had and take a leap of faith! So, there I was, thinking this opportunity might just relieve a bit of financial stress, but little did I know what horse I saddled. After a few days something within me moved. Because of the energy in the GRID, I realized that life is much more than self-pity and just getting by, stagnating in your ‘comfort zone’. A constant “worry” became a “dream and HOPE” & that HOPE changed me 180 degrees as a person. My worry was my special needs daughter who I know is always going to be dependent on me providing for her now and also when I am not here anymore, and the financial stress of my oldest daughter currently at university.) But, by meeting all these wonderful souls, a switch flicked, and I SUDDENLY REALISED that life does not have to be a struggle. I am alive, I am healthy, I am energized, and it gives me so much pleasure to know I am helping others!

My dream is to build a safe haven for special needs adults, and The Prosperity GRID is going to help me do that!

ATC Specialist at Emirates Flight Training Academy – Dubai

Marius Taute

The Prosperity GRID has done so much for me. Originally I was in it for the financial gain – which is true for many of the people who are first told about the concept. But as time went on, it has opened so many doors and brought so many ideas into my life. I originally worked as a Bosun on a private luxury yacht. I worked with all the billionaires in the world, catering to their every need! Having been in a world where money can literally buy anything, I witnessed first hand that money cannot buy freedom. It buys opportunities to create memories and to pursue dreams. My dream is to build my braai company and to build my dream home to create memories with my friends and family, and the Prosperity GRID is helping me to do just that.

Entrepreneur – Johannesburg – South Africa

Margreet Reimeijer

Of course, I was very interested in the money at first, but I didn’t allow myself to believe that this would really work. This was my problem. Fear has always stood in the way of me reaching my dreams! I prayed for the ability to let things go, and there, out of nowhere, came a beautiful woman who found my business on Google and contacted me with some questions about the industry in my country, and after several weeks of liaising, she introduced me to the Grid, and I can’t thank her enough! When I entered in the Grid, my personal life started to change. I chose to go for it, stepped in completely and decided to go with the flow. The group helped me to let go of all my fears and to believe in my dreams. I did, and I received. I REALLY RECEIVED! I am now on the path towards achieving my dream! Through the Grid I made new friends and saw my daily blessings, simply because my head turned to focus in the right direction! It’s all there, we just have to uplift each other and that’s exactly what happens in the Grid. Love, connection, no judgement, having each other’s backs and just being there for one another.

I highly recommend you to join us! Your life will change even if you think it’s already perfect! This will blow your mind!!!!

Wedding Planner – Crete

Theresa du Toit

I was introduced to the Prosperity Grid by a very dear friend. I liked the concept very much, and I was also drawn to the fact that it is so different from what we all have become accustomed to in our everyday lives – the 9 to 5 grindstone and sacrificing your life for something that will supposedly be better in the future, and hoping that one day you will be able to actually enjoy life. I call that a crap plan, as I have always believed that life is supposed to be amazing, that we are to be happy and enjoy life, and when the challenges arise, work through them and move on.  The concept of a community, with the added bonus of the financial and spiritual gain, is something I have come to love!

Sharing our dreams and deepest desires with strangers who become friends along the way, all in a non-judgemental environment is such a pleasure. People suddenly start dreaming big dreams again!  Being in a positive, high-energy community is great, and believe me, most people can do with this! So what the Prosperity Grid offers is a wonderful new way of life, and the ability to dream again and create the life you truly desire AND DESERVE!

Wedding Conductor – Dubai

Christo Moolman

Initially, when my wife tried to convince me to enter the Grid, I was very hesitant.  I am a shy guy and I don’t like having to use any form of social media too much…this includes chat groups. But, intrigued by the money (at first), and because my wife jumped in, I decided to do it too.

I cannot be more grateful that I took this leap of faith! It’s no longer about the money, even though I have already received just over 14 200 AED.  It’s about the complete abundance in all parts of life, as well as the HOPE this community brings to its members and the prospective members. Get ready for the ride of your life! There is nothing else like it.

Air Traffic Controller – Dubai

Heinrich Taute

I was very surprised and excited to partake in something like the Prosperity GRID when I heard about it! It was a humble and beautiful concept that I sensed could gain enough traction to start a revolution of abundance. I joined timidly and slowly got my bearings throughout the GRID. I am not timid anymore. The GRID is an awesome opportunity of self-expression, gratitude, human connection, the power of kindness and gratitude; and it is a testament to what we as humans can do when we work together in the spirit of unconditional love. Thanks to the Prosperity GRID I was able to visit the city I was born in for the first time and hiked Table Mountain in Cape Town on my birthday. The GRID has opened my eyes to possibility and potential again and it is only getting started.

The Prosperity GRID is for people who have lost sight of their dreams because society has convinced them that the rat race that fuels their reality is more important than your dreams. You CAN achieve your dreams, and what can be a better than an army of beautiful in souls cheering you on.

Habit Coach – Vancouver – Canada

Estelle Cooper

The GRID has been an absolute blessing to me. It has helped me realize my dream and focus more on achieving it. The support I receive from fellow members is incredibly uplifting and the positivity is just so encouraging. I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful community! I’m in a phase in my life where I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going, and my dream is to one day become a streamer – full time. With the GRID, it has started to become more of a reality.

The GRID came into my life during a difficult time, though it was the perfect time as the support received from my fellow members gave me a lot of strength. I’m super grateful to this GRID and it’s members! Financially it has been a blessing but the true gift was the people I’ve gotten to know and befriend along the way.

Veterinary Receptionist & Part-time Streamer – Dubai

Ulf Hanson

At first I was a non-believer. Being a builder – I’m all about hard work for practically no money! My wife tried to rope me in but I kept saying “How is it possible to make 60k in 40 days, with practically no effort?” Well – I’m here to tell you that IT ABSOLUTELY IS POSSIBLE! I have done it, so I know!
It was all about the money for me – at the start, and the zoom calls just terrified me! But soon enough, I came to realise the bigger picture here…community, paying it forward, love, trust, understanding and ABUNDANCE!

Now I am a GRIDDER for life! This experience has been a giant slice of humble pie for me. It’s helped put everything into perspective, and for the first time in my life, I can just live and breathe and enjoy, because I have a huge network of people who actually care about me and my wellbeing, and enough money in the bank so that I don’t have to stress about my immediate future! This is the place you want to be in your life – the liberation feels amazing!

Builder & Entrepreneur – Plettenberg Bay – South Africa

Joan Erasmus

The Prosperity GRID has taught me to thrive on a personal and financial level! I originally entered the GRID for the financial abundance that it brings, but in turn I received so much more! The abundance of positivity and energy injected into my everyday life by random strangers I now like to call family!

The GRID has given me the opportunity to settle debt that was hanging over me like a dark cloud and has given me the ability to be one step closer to Financial freedom – which means I get to work less and spend more quality time with the people I love!

Accountant & Small Business Owner – South Africa

Mariane Euckermann

The GRID has been the most amazing experience ever! I have met good people that changed my perception and attitude towards life, abundance and just what is actually possible!

Every time we spin, I’m sad to leave that GRID, but I always look forward to meeting the new people on my journey through the 4 levels. I have come to need my daily interactions with my GRID Team as the energy is so positive and uplifting! I just need to be in their presence!
Thanks to the GRID Community for the amazing support and for changing my life.

School Principal – Secunda – South Africa

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